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Nine Things to be Happy About


These are tough times, but there is good happening everywhere in our community. Here are some things we can all be truly happy about:

Stonebridge Daffodil Days


Stonebridge Daffodil Days

Virus or no virus, Mother Nature is doing her thing and getting the world revving for a great summer. What started out as a small, grass roots community initiative just 4 years ago will burst into bloom during May as over 10,000 daffodil bulbs grace the streetscapes and walkways of Stonebridge. Don’t miss the Stonebridge daffodils.

Stonebridge Angels

With so many snowbirds returning early and going into 14 day lockdown, there were a lot of empty fridges and hungry people in the ‘hood. Neighbors began writing in with offers of help with groceries, the LCBO and picking up meds and other supplies. A list of the “angels” along with their contact info was posted on the Stonebridge Events Website and orders began coming in. Ron Jarvis asked us for a special personal shout out to the Angels who looked after him (and especially Mr. Finnegan) after his recent knee operation.

Impact Wasaga Beach

Our local good deed organization continues to flourish, despite working under the restrictions of COVID isolation. Here’s what YOUR Impact Club has done so far this month: We have raised $9,720.00 to date and have delivered thank you packages including gift cards to seven pharmacies, 47 Saint Elizabeth Health Care Personal Support Workers servicing Wasaga Beach, and a host of community volunteers and front line workers

Wasaga Beach Food Bank

While we are on the subject of the Impact club, they have also made two donations to the Wasaga Beach Ministerial Food Bank totalling $5,750.00. The food bank will serve several hundred of our neediest residents during the month of May, many of whom have lost jobs, are homeless, or too ill to work. Food Bank staff are truly some of our finest “front line workers”.

The Stonebridge Trail of Hope

We’re not sure who, but we expect it’s some local students who have been using their time off school wisely, painting inspirational rocks and placing them along the Dunes Trail. Whoever you are, it is a beautiful and thoughtful expression of hope.

Wasaga Beach Transit

Thanks to the generosity of the Town, and the dedication of Landmark drivers, Wasaga Beach Transit continues to be absolutely free throughout the month of May. Transit use is restricted to essential travel such as medical appointments and grocery shopping, and is a lifeline for many of our residents who simply have no other way to get around.

Masks For Front Liners

We have many talented seamstresses here in the hood, and they have not been idle the past couple of months, busy turning out more than 150 non medical masks and nearly 50 scrub caps for use by our front liners. Donations of masks have gone to Wasaga Transit, RVH and Michael Garron Hospital in North York

Hungry Anyone?

If you think the place is totally shut down, many, many of our local restaurants remain open for take out food during limited hours. There are way too many to make a list, but we suggest you pick your favorite place and give them a call. You might be surprised when they pick up the ‘phone.

Cruisin’ and Groovin’

How about those Wasaga Cruisers, who managed to line up what looked like about 100 cars for a parade around the ‘hood on May 1? The Cruisers’ parade was put together strictly to honor front line workers, but also managed to collect a pickup truck full of food for the Food Bank.  As soon as distancing restrictions are lifted, the Cruisers will be back in their regular spot every Monday Night! Way to go, folks.

As published in the Beach Booster, May 28, 2020.